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Re-Cover House is the Ultimate in Recycling-Remodeling

From Jennifer on February 5th, 2010 in Green Remodeling

recycle remodel reuseWhat if you could remodel your home using only the materials you remove? One couple, with the help of their 35-year-old home’s original architectural firm, did just that. With only some new materials used in the renovation, all of the removed supplies were reintroduced to the home.

recycle remodel sidingThe house, originally a vacation home on Long Island, changed hands over the years. The most recent owners decided a renovation was in order to give them more room for their family. So, they expanded the existing kitchen and dining room, up-scaled the bedrooms and refinished the floors, walls and countertops. Since the integrity of the home’s original construction was of the utmost importance to the new owners, they looked to the design-architect firm for ideas. New York-based Bates Masi + Architects realized that they could give the owners what they wanted by reusing materials.

recycle remodel bathroomIngeniously, they managed to salvage the cypress boards that composed the home’s south-facing wall and deck for use in the new addition. The original siding was repurposed to serve as the new siding, stair treads and scrim material, allowing the house to keep its aged patina. Not only did this save money and natural resources, but it kept that old, cozy feeling that made the home’s exterior so great. New materials would have needed another 35 years of aging to achieve that same effect.

recycle remodel kitchenBy reusing the old siding, the home is now seamless. So many older homes have that distinct division between the old house and the new construction projects that subsequent generations have tacked on, but here, there’s no telling where history ends and the present begins.

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