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Crews are finding a gold mine of reusable building materials at a dilapidated house in Putnam County.

HURRICANE — From hardwood floors to an old door, crews are uncovering a treasure trove of materials in a dilapidated house in Hurricane.

“If these materials had to be purchased on the open market, forgetting the labor costs of it, there’s probably over $100,000 of materials that could eventually, if we had the time, get salvaged out of this house,” said Ted Reiff, president of The Reuse People Of America.

The company is based in California with a mission to salvage building materials. Local contractor Dale Oxley is learning deconstruction and its benefits at the structure.

“Each stone that you turn over or each board you turn over, you find additional products that have value in today’s market,” said Oxley.

“It’s sad,” said Tara Hicks, a neighbor who lives near the house. She’s glad the materials inside the house will be put to good use.

“I’m still going to miss that sight. It’s a good sight to see that old home. It was a wonderful view,” said Hicks.

Deconstruction also has environmental benefits by keeping the old materials out of landfills and it has tax benefits.

“People can donate their useable building materials to us and receive the same tax deductible donation as you would by taking things to Goodwill,” said Reiff.

The recovered materials are being donated to Habitat For Humanity’s Restore. The deconstruction is expected to be finished in a couple weeks.

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