NewsMaker – Building Green Houses from Garbage

The economy has forced the world to find new means of creating green houses. The world has gone to the garbage dumps to build green houses. These materials that are being used to build these green houses would of ended up in the landfills, but instead are being put to good use and being recycled into a useful building for many homes and business’ across the nation.

From floors, counters, and even roofs, we are seeing scraps not big enough for normal use being recycled into the green houses. The scraps of wood are used to make a mosaic floor or counter tops, and roofs are being made out of license plates.

Can you imagine what a green house would look like made up entirely of materials that were headed to the landfills?

Throughout the years, people have been building make-do temporary shelters, but never would of thought of using all this trash to build a permanent masterpiece green house.

Bones are being used to make furniture and stairs, floors are being covered in corks from wine bottles, as well as caps from beer bottles, and can you even imagine what the skylight can be made with, a glass baking dish. There is even the possibility of covering all the walls, floors, and ceiling with mirror shards. By using all of these garbage items, we have been able to keep tons of construction materials out of the landfill; therefore, helping our environment and keeping our world cleaner and a better place to live. By recycling materials that are no longer usable in the normal way, we have found a means to become more creative in building our green houses. The ideas are endless as well as the materials.

Using these recyclable materials, not only saves you money when building your green house, but also saves money on disposing all those materials in the landfills that are running out of space. All you need to do to have a green house built from garbage is to use your imagination and start saving all those scraps of materials. Building materials are available everywhere you look, just start imagining how a scrap of something can be turned into something else and you will be on your way to owning one of the most unique and different green houses in the world. With garbage readily available, what are we waiting for to start creating?

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