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HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio — The Ohio EPA is calling for new monitoring of liquids in landfills that specialize in construction and demolition debris.

News Center 7’s John Bedell talked with the EPA about how the proposed rules could affect some area landfills.

The change is coming because the Ohio EPA said a new study shows liquids in construction and demo landfills could contaminate ground water.

There are 55 landfills in Ohio that take construction and demo debris that could be affected if the new rules are adopted, including seven in the Miami Valley. Those landfills have been exempt from the testing.

EPA spokesperson Linda Oros said, “In Ohio, we had very limited regulations for construction and demolition debris waste because it was considered to be rather benign.”

Now, a new EPA study shows that liquid in the landfills could contaminate ground water.

“If they were to be released to ground water or surface water, and in most cases that was not happening, but if that were to happen, it could pose a threat to public health and the environment,” Oros said.

The new rules would require operators of the specialized landfills to monitor liquid at the bottom of the landfill for a list of contaminants.

It’s a way to protect nearby residents and local business owners like Byron Armbruster, who owns Central Collision, which sits right across the street from Taylorsville Road hardfill and direction above an aquifer.

“I think it’s good and keep everybody safe,” Armbruster said.

The Ohio EPA will hold a public hearing on Tuesday to accept comments on the proposed new rules.

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