TNJN – Knox Heritage to host second annual Salvage Show

Knox Heritage will hold its second annual Salvage Show on Friday, April 6 from 6- 9p.m. on the second floor of 36 Market Square. The functional design items were created by nineteen local artists, architects, students, and designers.

The works being exhibited have been made out of architectural salvage from the Knox Heritage Salvage Room in order to promote the creative reuse of historic building materials. Each item uniquely utilizes salvaged items and develops them into something completely different and new. There will be anything from instruments, to benches, to lamps being shown and all items will be for sale.

“It’s important that artists are supported here. And people get a chance to support Knox Heritage in a tangible way, to take something home that no one else has that is one of a kind,” said Beth Meadows, Architectural Salvage Coordinator.

Proceeds from selling the pieces will benefit Knox Heritage, and the works not sold at the show will be for sale through May 6 on the Knox Heritage Etsy shop.

Last year the show took place at underground Gay Street. Meadows said the space this year is completely different.

“The idea is to find a generous developer on the verge of finding a tenant for their building. I have to find that window of time where you see the building before it is finished,” said Meadows.

Ken and Brenda Mills made this year’s Salvage show possible by lending the second floor of 36 Market Street. Since the building isn’t entirely complete, the exhibit will be very creative with temporary lighting and the inability to hang the works on any walls.

Meadows said that the empty building is perfect for the purposes of the show. She also said, “I was pretty blown away by the way the show was received last year. I just want people to come and can find it and get up there. It’s one night and a lot of work. I think it will be great.”

Some of the artists and designers included participated in last year’s show, and the public can look forward to seeing their new design pieces along with works from the artists who will be participating for the first time.

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