Indestructables: Cutting (floor) Board

Cutting (floor) Board



Cutting boards are a valuable, and, at times, under-appreciated kitchen accessory.  In this plastic age, we have been overrun with sick, milky-white slabs of questionable origin, claiming to be safe and clean.  After a few weeks, you end up with a scarred, savaged scrap, un-saveable, collecting crud in all those crevices.  The alternative?  A solid, reclaimed hardwood cutting board made from old flooring, hand-rubbed with tung oil to a high, non-toxic sheen.  In a pinch, it’s solid enough to chock the tires on your inlaw’s RV, or knock a kitchen intruder unconscious.  It’s also cheap (nearly free!), beautiful, and can be continually refinished, lasting for generations.

Cutting (floor) Board

I put this cutting board together with oak and maple floorboards pulled from old Chicago bungalows.  Save what you can from alleys, building sites, and salvage shops, get some good glue, and set aside an afternoon.  If you are lacking some of the heavier equipment needed — thickness planer, pipe clamps, router — you could laminate it together using the technique found in this table I did a few years ago:

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  1. This is such a great idea! I would be a little nervous there would be an unhealthy stain on the wood…how do you know? I love wooden cooking boards, but they are usually sooo expensive! This is a great way to upcycle your wood! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, when you sand down a board much of the surface material that would hold a stain is removed. If you find that a blemish or stain cannot be removed, use a different piece of wood. The great thing about a cutting board project is that it is small enough to be picky about materials!

  3. I’m working on creating my own Kitchen Island. I was hoping to look at your Scrap-Table for ideas… I’d like to create a butcher-block style top for it, but just not sure yet. The link above for the Scrap-Table doesn’t work…can you repost it? (and if there are any other references I should look at that would have to do with kitchen islands made out of cupboards or how to create your own countertop for it). Thanks!

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