Rota-Lab – Manifesto

It was thanks to this disposal of old objects and a general tendency to replace what seemed outmoded, that in the early XXIst century a handful of young artisans and artists sensed the intrinsic value of those discarded objects as far superior to those that replaced them in terms of the noble materials and skills employed in their making.

Chance had it that these young minds, for varying reasons, found themselves connected to an underground association, best left unnamed, that promoted a style of life and initiatives that valued these attitudes towards outmoded rejects.

The fertile atmosphere of the association gave birth to diverse collaborations and the spontaneous institution of an intellectual circle that did justice to those objects rejected by the modern world.

The first commercial production of objects using only durable materials  that would improve aesthetically over time while maintaining their functionality began around 2005. Practicality and utility were often associated with clean forms, in accord with a humble love for bare materials.

via Rota-Lab – Manifesto.