A Re-Adapted “Local”: Garbage Skips Transformed into Storytelling Bar & Café (Video) : TreeHugger

It’s not often you see a neat example of ad-hoc, improvised design taken to the communal level. Dutch designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten of Foundation Projects took discarded garbage skips, collected various bric-à-brac from neighbourhood residents’ attics and alleys and transformed all this into a local bar and café, a place for conversation, music and events.

According to Dezeen, their “Straatlokaal” (local street) project was first done as part of Vienna Design Week 2010, repeating the process for Milan’s 2011 Public Design Festival, with each result completely different and dependent on the site and gathered materials.

In April 2012, the two undertook the same process again in their hometown of Utrecht, with three skips that collected discarded furniture and building materials from three different locations:

In three Utrecht districts a container is filled with materials to be found in the area. In no more than a week, a small house will be constructed using those materials. All three structures will subsequently be relocated to centre square the Neude where, together, they will form a pavilion with a bar and events.

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