Instructables: Duck Deck: Backyard Duck Habitat by McRaghead

By: Singer / Songwriter, guitarist co-founder of Day Job: Pixel Pusher @ Humboldt County HHS


Ramp and deck built around a plastic water trough. All wood is reclaimed from shipping palettes sourced for free. Plastic spigot added to trough, and a ledge dropped in near the surface to help the ducks enter and exit.

The ramp was initially a bit narrower and steeper, but one of our ducks is clumsier than the other and he seems to appreciate the extra width and more gradual angle. Water (and other duck-related substances) can be drained via the spigot, but the trough is easily removed for more complete cleaning. Fully portable: just drain the water and the trough and ramp both lift out.

It took a bit of coaxing for the ducks to figure out how to climb up the ramp, but they seem to be enjoying themselves now!

Total cost, under $50.




via Duck Deck: Backyard Duck Habitat.