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I love this article from the Guardian, Recycled wood: the green key to a sustainable built environment,  via The Reclamation Administration, about how much old wood goes into landfills each year. It’s absolutely tragic.

The remodelling and demolishing of homes in the US results in the equivalent of 250,000 single-family homes being interred in landfills or incinerated each year. Among the dry wall, plastic and concrete that are disposed of is lumber sourced from Americas forests. Within this lumber, there is also wood from older homes. This is especially valuable because it is of higher quality than material used in most new construction projects.

Wood in homes built 50 years ago or earlier was often sourced from first-growth forests. Whether a small, older home being destroyed for a larger, more modern home, or a historic beach-front house being targeted for removal and upgrade by a presidential candidate, these houses are a treasure trove of sturdy wood that builders should reclaim. Entrepreneurs can find lucrative business opportunities as salvaged or rediscovered wood is in high demand.

A huge part of our mission to keep old wood (we define that as pre-1970) from going into landfills. Whether it’s flooring, wood studs, doors, rafters or whatever, please don’t throw it out. If you’re remodeling an older home, please instruct your contractor to call us. At the very least, we’ll haul that wood away free and either recycle it ourselves or get it to someone who will reuse it. In some cases, we’ll make you a cash offer. Or, have your contractor take the reusable supplies to your local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Either way, you’ll be doing the environment a favor.

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