Architectural Salvage Idea: Old Doors and Vintage Hardware | Archia Homes

Landfills all over the U.S. are overflowing with items that could have been in some way recycled, reused or repurposed. Much of this so-called waste has been generated from residential remodeling projects that were spearheaded with the concept of “out with the old, in the with new”. With a little imagination, one man’s trash can become another’s treasure, making for a beautifully designed home that is green, eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are some ways to make that happen.

An old door can be transformed by sanding out the old paint or stain. It can be either oiled or coated with a polyurethane finish that will maintain it’s old, authentic look. Besides traditional old doors, you can also think outside the box by using old doors to armoires and entertainment centers.

As far as the hardware goes, vintage is the way to go for knobs because most of the older styles are no longer being manufactured. Antique pieces in bronze, cast iron, copper, brass, glass, mineral and other materials can add an old world touch that can’t be compared. Take things a step further by also incorporating vintage pegs and hooks to hang coats at the entry way, or to hang cooking utensils in the kitchen.

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via Architectural Salvage Idea: Old Doors and Vintage Hardware | Archia Homes.