5 DIY Reclaimed Wood Table You Wish You Made | Shelterness

Rough Reclaimed Wood Dining Table via Michelle Kaufmann Studio is a big, stunning and unique to your home table. It has unmilled edges so you can see the beauty of the wood irregularity. Such tables could be very expensive but when you’re making one by yourself it won’t cost you so much.

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Console Table is bought on a yard sale but can be easily done by yourself.

DIY Recycled Pallet Dining Table is one of the cheapest and easiest tables here.

Reclaimed Wood And Pipe Console Table via Joey and Lana is an awesome 84 inch console table done for $105. During such project you’ll need to do a lot of sanding but the final product totally worth it. Such tables are really expensive in stores.

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Table And Bench via Re-Nest is done from 1×6 wood planks from a reclaimed lumber yard. You need several power tools to finish it but the table totally worth your time.

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