Twisted Juniper Cat Tree – Part 2 – Platforms « Lax Cat Creations

Below are some pictures of an amazing cat tree project by my friends over at Lax Cat Creations.

You really need to see how this entire project was executed. Clearly this was a labor of love! See Part 1.

Patience. This tree took a lot of patience. In particular, fitting the randomly shaped platforms between and around tree branches.  This portion of the project was the slowest, yet in my opinion, makes the tree really pop.

Using the shape of the tree, we determined where the platforms would be, what size and shape they were to become, and how we envisioned the cats getting to each one. Saki is a spry and wiry guy, but Pixie…not so much. She could be called small, but portly. To date, most of the smaller in-between levels are unused by Saki, but Pixie will carefully pick her way to the top most every time she uses the tree.

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