Suri Iron – CRUMPLE New Works from Mike Suri

New Works from Mike Suri


Mike Suri takes scrap metal and turns it around, hammers it out, paints, shines and buffs it and then presents it to us as something you want to put on your shelf, not your curbside.

Making art from waste is not a new concept, but Suri’s work practically begs you to¬†ignore that it was ever on its way to the dump in the first place.

This October, Good:a gallery will be showcasing Crumple,¬†comprising his three latest series – Coleman’s, Galvies, and other crushes.


Opening Reception

Friday, October 5th

7 to 10 pm

GOOD: A Gallery

4325 N Mississippi Avenue

Portland, Oregon


Suri Iron – Metal Sculpting in Portland Oregon.