Arcosanti is Building a Greenhouse – Get Involved!

photo by Alfonso EliaWe are constructing a greenhouse, 3,340 square feet, Phase IIA, below the swimming pool, and guest rooms connecting to the East Crescent. Here we intend to test food and heat production at Arcosanti, the idea of an “energy apron” on a larger scale than we have before. And soon!

We created a design through the efforts of David Tollas, Nadia Begin and Jeff Zucker; and earlier this year received a building permit. Crews of workshoppers supervised by project manager David Tollas have placed concrete foundations, poured thin-shell concrete planting beds, created stairways and retaining walls. We now must raise $35,000 by the end of October to purchase the engineered greenhouse superstructure itself and its membrane. Pretty cheap, really; but to get it we need your donation.

This is the first time anyone has used this particular commercial greenhouse system on a hillside to produce and deliver warm air to the top of the hill. Going forward, we imagine the manufacturer, Jaderloon, will want to partner with us in expanding this first experiment; but they need proof of concept first. So do we, really…We have already received donations in the form of cement (from Salt River Materials Group), Jason Hale’s structural/civil engineering services (from Core Structures Group), Jeff Zucker/ Catalyst Architecture, workshop labor, and the time and effort of our own architectural planning staff. Now, we ask you to donate to help us complete work this fall, so we can plant this winter.