New Paltz opens its town reuse building

New Paltz opens its town reuse building

NEW PALTZ – The New Paltz Town ReUse building was officially opened for business on Wednesday, providing a one-stop location for the municipality to collect recyclables and offer them for reuse.

Town Recycling Coordinator Laura Petit said the town has a good track record of reuse with a wide variety of items.

“We get materials in like leftover shingles, we’ll get left over insulation, a lot of art supplies and if there are any local businesses that are relocating or if it is an item that is obsolete or isn’t quite in with the new spring or fall color scheme, then we get those materials donated to us as well,” she said.

The town project is subsidized by the State DEC, Petit said.

The town has dropped its waste stream by 15 percent between 2011 and 2010 and would like to drop it by another 25 percent. The town, as a zero waste community, would like to get its EPA zero waste initiative up to 95 per its waste diversion and recycling.

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