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How is the project operated?

Unsmoke is a project of the non-profit Braddock Redux, which is focused on revitalization efforts in the Borough of Braddock.

How long has it been in existence?

Nearly five years.

UnSmoke Art Space

What was your motivation?

The project is motivated by community revitalization efforts in Braddock. The space is used in ways that are intended to bring energy, activity, and focus to this town that has been distressed and neglected for a long time. In addition, the space intends to benefit artists as well as the local and regional art scene.

What kind of events are usually organized?

Most often, the gallery is used for art exhibitions that each last about a month, including an opening event and sometimes other exhibition-related events. But we’re open to everything – we are not confined to being purely a visual art space. We’ve had readings, concerts, performances, community events, etc. and we’re always interested to hear new, creative ideas about how to use the space.

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