Lifecycle encourages reuse & resale of building materials | Atlanta INtown Paper

Lifecycle Building Center is also proud of the tons of free materials it has provided to nonprofits. As Adam Deck put it, “We play match-maker whenever we can.” One recent match involved WonderRoot, an art and social action non-profit and an antique dealer. WonderRoot called looking for panels to display art. An antique dealer wanted to donate 200 sheets of plywood.  Thanks to the “match-maker,” WonderRoot received a $1,400 in-kind donation, the dealer received a tax deduction, and 5 tons of debris stayed out of a Georgia landfill. Lifecycle Building Center also brokered the donation of a $250,000 conveyor system to Atlanta Community Food Bank from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Community outreach, with an emphasis on resource efficiency and green building, is next on the horizon.  This will include monthly hands-on trainings, such as how to make HVAC systems more energy efficient, and a staffed kiosk to provide one-to-one technical assistance.

Lifecycle Building Center still needs additional investment now to fully implement their business plan. With targeted staff and capital like a box truck and fork lift, this nonprofit plans on being self-supported from fees and retail sales, three to five years from now.

via Lifecycle encourages reuse & resale of building materials | Atlanta INtown Paper.