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This article baffles me. It could be that it’s Monday morning, it could be that its post Thanksgiving Monday. But I can’t figure out if the studios are already reusing C&D or not.

Anyone want to help me get the gist of this? Would be appreciated.

Concerned about how it might impact their current operations, officials from the Motion Picture Association of America and Fox Studios spoke out against the plan in Los Angeles to designate a specific commercial hauler for regions of the city.

Gretchen Lewotsky, vice president of state and local government affairs for Fox Entertainment Group, said it has tried to be a good corporate citizen and community member through the years, including implementing various sustainable efforts in recent years.

“Our commitment has been rigorous programs to achieve the level of sustainability that is second to none,” Lewotsky told the City Council. “Our diversion rate at the studios is currently at 87% and we’re aiming to increase that to 90%.”

Melissa Patack, vice president of governmental affairs for Motion Picture Association of America, said the various studios have extraordinary diversion rates.

“We ask your support to add to the instructions to the city attorney that the specific operational records of the studios need to be considered and addressed as the waste sheds are created,” she said.

Several City Council members said the needs of the studios should be addressed. Andrea Alarcon, president of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, said most of the waste from the studios would be excluded from the specific franchise requirements.

C&D debris is being excluded from the system.

“By virtue of what they do, they build up sets and break them down, it’s construction and demolition. Under our proposal, it would be exempt,” Alarcon said.

However, regular waste would still be included.

“Unique service requirements will definitely be built into the RFP, including [the need for] specialized vehicles to move around lots, 24-hour service and prompt service response times,” she said.

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