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Most one-year olds are just learning how to walk, but the Lifecycle Building Center (LBC), established just one year ago, has already kicked it into a sprint. As you may recall from my November article – this nonprofit seeks to make each phase of a building’s life – design/build, use/adaptation and demolition/removal – more efficient and sustainable by reuse and resale of building materials and through community outreach.

LBC finished its first year with flurry of exciting news. Thanks to Southern Lighting Source, LBC now has a dedicated box truck. Long on the wish list of Operations Manager Adam Deck, the truck is critical for collecting material and expanding pick-up services. At a recent Morningside deconstruction project, the truck was proving its worth. Volunteers loaded a water heater, washer, dryer, sink, mantel, kitchen cabinets, and more from a soon to be demolished house onto the truck. Once full, the truck was headed to the LBC reuse store.

LBC just received another “birthday present” – a new forklift, donated by Balfour Beatty Construction. The timing of both donations is perfect as Atlas Demolition and Disposal has offered five houses to LBC for deconstruction in the coming months. And, LBC decided to expand from its 12,000 square foot space into a 70,000 square foot facility also located at 1116 Murphy Avenue.

To continue the momentum – the LBC board has generously offered to match all financial donations through the end of 2012 up to $25,000. With the additional financial support, LBC plans to hire more staff to expand material pick-up services and extend store hours. The LBC is working with the Atlanta Mission to fill these new jobs with those facing homelessness. Also, the LBC seeks to develop an on-line materials database that provides real-time access to store inventory, serves as a clearinghouse for community material needs, and tracks LBC’s impact.

You can wish LBC a happy birthday with a year-end donation that will be doubled by visiting


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