The New Lancaster – Harrisburg Magazine – December 2012 – Harrisburg PA

You won’t find any stamp that says “Made in China” on the wooden furniture sold in Lancaster’s Tellus 360 store. What you will find is a fascinating story about the former life of the lumber contained in the products.

Tellus’ small team of woodworkers creates furniture, kitchens, flooring and lighting from wood that was salvaged and saved from landfills.

These beautiful products contain lumber that was once pilings in the Boston Harbor, part of a high school in Massachusetts, a tobacco factory in Virginia or a grain mill in Maryland.

Wine racks came from wood from a local house that burned, balance boards came from a mushroom plant and scraps are made into one-of-a-kind electric guitars.

Owner and visionary Joe Devoy takes old wood from construction projects and repurposes and reuses it to create new items of use and beauty.

“Tellus” was a Roman earth goddess concerned with the productivity of the earth; “360” is cycling back to a simpler way of life. Some of the recycled wood is purchased from demolition companies; some comes from Devoy’s second business, ARA Construction, which de-constructs buildings.

Tellus 360 is just one of the leaders in Lancaster that is helping to create a new city – one that is a leader in living sustainably and a rewarding place to spend a weekend getaway. Lancaster helps you feel good about being a consumer, in every sense of the word – even shopping.


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