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Remove elements that cause clutter to optimise the space and let the energy to flow seamlessly through the interior spaces

If you think that interior architecture is the same as interior design or decoration, think again. It is actually an entirely different field, centred on rethinking the life of existing buildings through design alterations, renovations and adaptive reuse and sustainability.

Recycling an entire building instead of demolishing it and constructing a new one is one of the most environmentally sound practices. Restoration or remodelling by sustainable interior architecture is both challenging and exciting as it allows one to reconstruct and reinvent inside space both functionally and aesthetically without changing the entire character of a structure. So, even though the outside facade remains the same, the inside space evolves through design and modern amenities.

I had recently redesigned a 15-year-old residence. It had a nice location with green outdoors and I wanted its energy to flow seamlessly through the interior spaces. As an initial step, we changed the interior layout to allow the spaces to flow into each other. Instantly, the effect also reinvented the entire interior space by bringing the glorious outside into the home. Removing any elements that were causing clutter helped to optimise the space in a brilliant manner.

The outcome of all the planning, design and restoration made the interior spaces appear bigger as the entire energy of the already existing structure, both inside and outside came in sync with the beautiful location.

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