E.34: Design for Ability Green House by Emergent Structures — Kickstarter


Our project is highly collaborative and is dependent upon locating

building materials with very specific properties in a timely fashion.

Locating, prepping and building with reclaimed materials from numerous

sites is by far the greatest challenge, yet overcoming that exact

challenge is at the heart of Emergent Structures’ mission.

We have already methodically stored numerous material streams from

locations in and around Savannah, so the task of identifying the

building materials has already largely been achieved! The next challenge

is to properly prepare the materials, and thanks to our collaborative

partners, much of the material designated has already been prepped

during volunteer events! The preparation of the rest of the materials

will be done over the next several months with volunteer work days that

invite the general public and our partners to com on out and put some

elbow grease into! We know we can do it because we’ve done it before.

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