Gary Robert Photography – Pretty Freakin Amazing!

Here at the RA we recently posted photographs of a cold storage warehouse in Chicago.

Well, those amazing photos were taken by Gary Robert (that’s not really his last name) an awesomely talented photographer.

He was nice enough to send us some more. Go see his other wildly wonderful images on Gary Robert Photography!

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-6

I’ve always been into toys, gadgets and figuring out how things work. As a child I came across my mother’s old 126 mm roll film camera in our crawlspace and asked my father to teach me how to use it… I guess that was the start of my photography career some 40+ years ago. The 126 mm film camera and flash bulbs soon turned into my father’s Maymia/Sekor 35 mm manual film camera and flash which I learned how to shoot slides, macro photography and use of a tripod. I remember shooting the inside of frogs for my 8 grade science project, it was better than having to cut the poor little guys up.

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-2

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-1

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-10

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-9

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-8

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-7

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-4

FM Ice_640W-Blog_CR-5


via Gary Robert Photography.