There are over 40,000 vacant lots in the City of Philadelphia. These lots are eyesores and become places where crime and pollution are common. Unemployment in Philadelphia is 11.6%, meaning that 1 out of every 8 people cannot find work.

GrowShare is an online resource committed to helping citizens find jobs, clean up their community, decrease crime, and beautify their neighborhood.

Visualize Urban Ideas

GrowShare uses Google Maps & Places to provide a geospatial view of ideas in urban neighborhoods.

Recession & Bureaucracy Proof

As long as the Internet is up, your’s projects and resources will continue to receive contracts on your terms.

Finding the True Cost of a Project

Project estimates are estimates. The true cost of a project is only found when it’s done. Because gives every project it’s own webpage, all data for a project is aggregated in the same place. This allows users to see the true cost of each project.

Fair Compensation

Auction ensures the fairest compensation for civic resource exchanges at different levels.

Data Gathering

GrowShare gathers city data like crime & vacant lots to help users grow & share.

Open Source Technologies

We have deployed the following Open Source technologies for this project:

Google Map API

Google Places API

WeBid Auction Engine

MySQL database with temporal and spatial datasets

Twitter, FB and g+ APIs

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0


Data Sources

For this alpha release, we have tapped the following data sources:

Google Maps and Google Places

Vacant Lots, City of Philadelphia

Recreation and parks, City of Philadelphia


The team is led by Professor Justin Y. Shi, Associate Professor and Associate Chairman of CIS Department at Temple University.

Team Members:

Kristiyan Georgiev | Graduate Ph.D. Candidate | CIS Department, College of Science and Technology

Brett M Statman | Senior Undergraduate | Digital Media, Tyler School of Art

William S Mantegna | Senior Undergraduate | MIS Department, Fox School of Business

Han-Lin Wu | Graduate MS Candidate | ECE Department, School of Engineering

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