The 5 Day Summer SalvageFaire Building Workshops | Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses is proud to announce that we will be hosting weekday building classes at our facility in Luling, Texas this summer. Every evening from Monday thru Friday (5pm-9pm) we will be working on building projects in and around our facility.

The projects will cover a wide range of subjects. The exact project that we work on will be determined by participant turnout and manpower, but our project list is as follows (in no specific order):

Finish out the interior skins of our central building of the SalvageFaire Market property

Build a deck and awning around the central building for the SalvageFaire Market

Build Rows of Vending Booths on the SalvageFaire Property

Landscape and plot the layout of the Salvagefaire property

Build public restrooms on the SalvageFaire Property

Everyone who signs up will have the opportunity to work on at least one of the projects listed above. We will be using strictly salvaged materials from Brad Kittel’s 30,000 sq foot warehouse to build all of these additional structures.

Participants have the opportunity to work hands-on with salvaged materials under the supervision of  Brad Kittel and the Tiny Texas Team. No experience is necessary! We are asking for passionate, dedicated individuals who are interested in working with salvaged materials and helping us develop the beginning stages of our SalvageFaire Market.


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