Company Gives Old Buildings a Second Chance

“We are actually rescuing history, the stories and the way things were built in the 1800’s and early 1900s,” Co-Owner Brian Carroll said.

“By reclaiming materials, we’ve been able to make a few farm houses, tables, display items, quite a bit of things,” Carroll said.

Right now Carroll sells reclaimed wood furniture in Dothan, but he and business partner Jason Schmidt, hope expand the business and bring new industry to Slocomb.

“We would like to introduce this method into the area and employ 10 to 15 construction workers starting off,” Schmidt said. “I think this has a lot of potential to benefit the community and region in many ways,” he said.

Architectural Revival seeks to reuse all building materials, which means they won’t end up in land-fills, and can add a little bit of history to new homes.

To learn more about the company or to apply for a job, Architectural Revival.

via Company Gives Old Buildings a Second Chance.