Green = Green: Reclaimed Wood | Our Humble Abode

Our Humble Abode is a sweet DIY Blog cataloging one family’s home transition.

They are crafting a deck from reclaimed glulam. That is going to be one serious deck – and beautiful too!


When Ben stumbled into the deal of the century, we couldn’t say no.  You see, a commercial building in town was in the process of being demolished.  Outside sat a giant stack of glulam beams, originally used to support the roof.

Ben called around until he found the guy responsible for these dudes and asked what the heck deal was.  Well, they were destined for landfill.  Landfill, not on our watch!  Instead Ben cut these giants down, hauled ‘em home, and we’re building a deck now.  But they’re not deck ready in their original condition.


via Green = Green: Reclaimed Wood | Our Humble Abode.