Murphys ‘recycling’ Jacksonville freight depot into Eco Relics


The two-story, 58,000-square-foot Stockton Street warehouse was built in 1927. The Murphys bought it from a trust in April for $365,000. Its 2012 taxable value was $228,900

The Murphys hope to open for business in October …

They intend to sell at discount prices to contractors, interior decorators and the general public, as well as online. The website, under construction, is

They envision employing 12-20 people.

Michael Murphy said Eco Relics will be the largest architectural salvage company in a five-state area.

“Eco Relics has already saved a huge amount of material from going into landfills,” he said.

He said an estimated 25 to 40 percent of materials at landfills are construction and renovation waste and demolition debris.

Eco Relics will cut back on that and also create jobs.

“There is a huge job potential for relatively unskilled labor to take part in deconstruction,” he said.

via Murphys ‘recycling’ Jacksonville freight depot into Eco Relics.