Wood That Proudly Wears the Marks of Previous Use – NYTimes.com

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RECLAMATION The floor and interior of Pininfarina’s Cambiano concept car is trimmed in briccole oak reclaimed from the barber poles along the Venice lagoon. Jerry Garrett

Reclaimed woods are taking center stage in high-end automotive interiors; the short-lived Fisker Karma, a high-end plug-in hybrid, offered trim of either white oak reclaimed from logs retrieved from the depths of Lake Michigan or charred redwood from California forest fires. Bentley repurposes slabs cut from stumps of walnut trees. Even the latest-generation Ram trucks has joined the trend, offering thick chunks of door, dashboard and steering wheel trim crafted from old fence posts.

Pininfarina’s most recent concept car, the BMW Gran Lusso Coupe, has accents crafted from 2,000-year-old kauri logs dredged from a New Zealand swamp.

via Wood That Proudly Wears the Marks of Previous Use – NYTimes.com.