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CARTM is by far one of the spunkiest reuse centers.

Located on the Oregon Coast this reuse center came into existence through the community collaboration and need. Once a transfer station, the residents of Manzanita, Oregon started swapping out used materials for less used. They organized it, added a recycling area and called it CARTM. One only has to live in a small rural town or an island, to understand resource scarcity. These folks took it upon themselves to use local resources to the fullest, reusing and re-purposing as much as possible. And having a great time doing it!


CARTM’s annual Trashion Show and Upcycle Party, once again, delighted audience members with 22 “trashionistas” donning attire made out of… well, trash and other recyclable materials.

The hour-long Saturday evening show at the North County Recreation District auditorium got off to a rousing start with entertainment provided by the Tsunami Drummers. Master of ceremonies “Trashionista” Aina Tonjes, decked out in her trashiest best, was at the top of her game, as were those who joined the fun.

The Trashion Show and Upcycle Party, held afterwards in the NCRD gym above the auditorium, is an annual fundraiser for CARTM Recycling Center near Manzanita.

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