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RenoCyclage is a business based in Montreal, Canada, that offers expertise in deconstruction, recovery and reuse of materials for the growing sustainable development sector.  They have just released their first newsletter called the ReNews

This is a well written and inspirational publication (even if it is in French*). We whole-heartily recommend signing up for it (and not just because of the nice write up of the RA at the bottom). Congratulations RénoCyclage!

The renew arrived!

RénoCyclage presents its first renew a newsletter to satisfy your curiosity and support you through the process of reuse.

Whether it’s innovative ideas, exemplary projects or events, renew provide you with news from Quebec and elsewhere on the reuse of materials in the areas of design, architecture, sustainable construction, deconstruction, public policy, waste and more!

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Bruno Demers


GreenBuild 2013: materials second life speak

GreenBuild is the largest conference and exhibition for green building in the world. This year, from November 20 to 22, more than 25,000 people are expected to Philadelphia. Among a hundred interventions, two lectures will focus on the recovery and reuse of materials of construction. The first, After the Storm: Recovering (Materials) from a Natural Disaster , will discuss how the industry can benefit from the deposits of materials generated by natural disasters. The secondReincarnation Additional Lives for Building Materials , will supply the best strategies used materials.

Will you be part of?

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The BMRA launches training program for decommissioning

The BMRA (Building Materials Reuse Association) now offers a complete training for workers and entrepreneurs interested in real estate deconstruction.

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“ÉcoEntrepreneur” a new Quebec certification for green entrepreneurs

La Belle Province has now added a new certification program developed by Archibio contractors for the renovation and construction that are committed to building healthy, green homes, observing a number of practices, including recovery and reuse of materials. The ÉcoEntrepreneurs be accredited at the end of training, examination and completion of a green building certified by one of the industry standards. The official launch of the program took place Tuesday, October 29 at B-Loft , an industrial building being residential transformation by Groupe Dargis first accredited ÉcoEntrepreneur.

Congratulations to Archibio and its partners for this green initiative!

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Bobby McGee: a coffee bistro for the love of materials

Bobby McGee is a café-bistro the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of Montreal. Until 2012, it could go unnoticed, but since its renovation and expansion in 2013, the traffic is increasing. The talent of the chef is probably no stranger to this popularity, as well as beer choices on the menu, the view of the local church, his private rear terrace, local artists exhibited here, as well as wide selection of vinyl and used books for sale at a good price on the floor and in the basement. But the most charming local citizens is undoubtedly temperamental style of the place, marked by a love of materials and their reuse in which the owner, Patrick Pilon, applied in every nook and cranny. “I am shocked by the ugliness and waste”, confesses that host the kindness seamless and endless enthusiasm, who went through the aesthetic vision that lived and now he lives.

The autopsy reveals the completed project used materials from multiple sources. The deconstruction of the rear shed, dating as the rest of the building in 1929, offered an abundance of wood for making counters and woodwork. Waste from each making others happy, wardrobe and antique oak doors were salvaged from the trash neighbor, who was renovating in a decidedly different philosophy. Other doors, dated 1866, were found on the internet with planks and beams.The furniture is also honored to reuse, with benches and chairs recovered jeans found here and there, but all pretty odd. Centerpieces and real local sights, two individual seats tram enthroned in a corner and come from a car that was a line in service on the St. Catherine at the beginning of the last century. Patrick was unearthed in a retro flea market neighborhood. To this finally adds components of the original building that has chosen to make visible and to value, such as hardwood floors, walls of concrete blocks molded antique and joists basement in western hemlock. In short, a mosaic of components for a warm look, full of stories!

As with any project of reusing materials of its kind, the greatest challenges, insist Patrick were the uncountable hours and especially ingenuity required, found in the person of Eric Guitard, the man responsible for the work in 1000 talents . All in will be worth it, as you can see by visiting the place in pictures or in person, espresso in hand, at 3213 Ontario Street East .

Long life materials and Bobby McGee!

Piet Hein Eek: collector, designer and businessman

Piet Hein Eek is an extraordinary designer who proceeds according to the following idea: the waste worth gold , a maxim which his eponymous company ( Piet Hein Eek )demonstrates the validity for years! B ased in the Netherlands, it procures recovered all kinds to make pieces of furniture mass produced materials, but are unique and worthy works of art. His company, which employs dozens of employees and occupies an area of 100,000 square feet (10,000 m2), is both a design studio, a warehouse of materials, an exhibition hall, a reception and a restaurant unclassifiable style.

Watch this documentary to visit this great company and know the philosophy of reuse of its founder.

Jimmy Deschênes: multidisciplinary artist

Discover the works of talented Montreal multidisciplinary artist who explores the aesthetic possibilities of raw materials and the architectural heritage of our time.

Visit his website and his page Facebook !

University Research: Want materials used

Julien Beaulieu, studying civil engineering and environment at Concordia University, conducts research on the reusability of materials in new construction. The projected five-storey, 95,000 square feet (4,400 m2) building will incorporate 20% of used mainly brick components, steel beams and galvanized sheet.

RénoCyclage supports this research and is aptly in a context where feasibility studies are still pending in Quebec as elsewhere, to pave the way for the re-use and provide academic legitimacy to the practice.

Check Voirvert.ca for contact information and details of the project.

REBRICK the challenge of re-use of bricks in Europe

The bricks form a significant proportion of construction waste. However, a solution has recently been developed to facilitate the reuse and limited in accordance with the 3Rs, burial or recovery in the form of aggregates.

REBRICK is the name of an initiative of the Danish company Gamle Mursten which is based on an automated technology to relieve his old brick mortar. I bet that will form part of a paradigm shift and eventually cross the Atlantic.

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Scotland launches electronic materials exchange portal

The Construction Material Exchange , a materials exchange portal, was recently created by the Scottish government agency Resource Efficient Scotland . Although the counter is still zero, the portal hopes to make transit annually on its website a flow of 7.4 million tons of debris from construction. Several online tools are currently being developed to make the connection between the supply and demand of used material, which at the moment are struggling to meet, remain latent and thus prevent the market to develop its full potential.

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Deconstruction preserves the material and monetary wealth in the neighborhoods of Washington DC

A recent article published in the American webzine Elevation DC provides a good picture of the real estate residential deconstruction, its challenges and its benefits to the local economy. The article is an example among other Community Forklift , a health reuse of materials to non-profit founded by Jim Schulman and well known in the capital. The center creates jobs and maintains outstanding architectural heritage, while recording annual sales of $ 1.7 million. Across the country, reuse centers of this kind would total a market of more than 500,000 million.

Would you like to start a similar business in your neighborhood? This is a project that covets RénoCyclage.

Read the full article: ” Deconstruction value and keeps dollars in DC’s neighborhoods . “

Harvesting “urban wood” ignored unknown field and opportunity?

Each city is struggling with falling trees and methods for disposal – reduction and use chips, composting, incineration, landfill – are often strong, maybe even too much.Because they really add value this resource to its full potential?

Unknown, the direct use of urban wood for design is a profitable avenue. The issue was also raised in Toronto last month at the forum ” NeighbourWood “organized by the local chapter of the Green Building Council of Canada and the body LEAF .

Speakers included three design professionals discussed the aesthetic and economic possibilities of this city practice. A representative of the city of Chicago was also on hand to talk about the program use of urban wood the third American city.Several other initiatives are being developed at this time around the pool still unknown, such as Urban Wood or Urban Tree Salvage.

Do you know of programs or similar businesses in your area?

Station no. 1: an exemplary architectural reuse

Station no. 1 is located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of Montreal in 1903. First power station relaying the city Shawinigan Water and Power Company, it became a hundred years later, a vibrant residential cooperative housing 74. Among several features that make it a complex environmental quality, the project has the distinction of being recovered and reused nearly 100,000 bricks during the transformation of the building. No new brick has been laid! Completed in 2011 and aiming for LEED certification for new construction, the station no. 1 has recently earned one of the Canadian Green Building Awards 2013 . Commissioned by the organization Build the neighborhood, the project is the work of the architectural firm Aedifica and carrying out the work was entrusted to Dargis Group still enjoys wide provision of bricks for its upcoming projects rénocyclage!

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2 projects of materials recovered Montreal Botanical Garden


The garden of glass and metal

Have you had a chance to visit the International Mosaiculture Montreal during the summer of 2013? Those who have been watching the plant sculptures largest horticultural art exhibition in the world may have noticed at the end of the journey, the Garden of glass and steel , a work where the use of recovered materials was the appointment. This installation, created by Albert Mondor and his team integrates oxidized steel and crushed a path leading the visitor to a meditative oasis inhabited by animals of the fabulous metal welder artist Jeffrey McDonald glass.All exemplifies how landscaping can benefit from engineering reuse.

See more pictures and read the article by Albert Mondor to know his entire approach.


Exposure Base Camp / 1000 Days for the Planet

At this moment and until May 2015, Space for Life at the Botanical Garden hosts educational and environmental exposure Base Camp / 1000 Days for the Planet . Walking through the sections of the exhibition, visitors will be struck by the elegance of a viewing room created entirely from a blend of reclaimed wood from a barn and a schoolhouse in Témiscouata. Creation of collective You are here , the project won the Special Award “Multidisciplinary” the Grand Design Award 2012 . Congratulations to K, art director and creative, Melanie Crespin, designer, and Marc Pelletier of ÉPURE Workshop , responsible for research materials and carry out the work.

Merricks Beach House

Merricks Beach House is a contemporary holiday home located in Melbourne, Australia. She was recently awarded the Victorian Architecture Award for its design combines friendly hospitality and durability of construction. Completed in 2012 by Kennedy Nolan Architects, the project has indeed been able to integrate with style, an impressive amount of recovered materials: bricks, blocks manufactured concrete and timber. If you want to see your eyes, the house is for rent in the short term!

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Over 200 p oors, shutters and windows emphasized in theDeco Recycling a bistro Bucharest

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Sublime epic: a collective of artists sailing on the seas of Europe in floating houses made of waste

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Revolutionary Yardscape: Ideas for Repurposing Local Materials to Create Containers, Pathways, Lightning, and More

by Matthew Levesque

Create attractive spaces with waste?Possible! Written by a specialist, director of the Building Resources in San Francisco,Revolutionary Yardscape present techniques, garden projects and inspiring ideas to make recycled materials unearthed flea or in the alley around the corner.

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Reclaiming Style: Using Salvaged Materials to Create an Elegant Home

by Adam Hills and Maria Speake

The founders of the architectural design firmRetrouvius pushed their art collection to one of the most sought after styles in England interior design. Reclaiming Style follows the behind the scenes of demolition sites to storage that If they attend, through their process of sustainable design from recycled materials.

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Harvesting Urban Timber: A Complete Guide

Sam Sherrill

Sam Sherrill is a cabinetmaker who worked for several years with the support of the U.S. Agency for Forestry to start organizations dedicated to urban wood harvesting across the country. Using examples, it delivers in this book the secrets of this unusual approach and provides all the practical tips for implementation.

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Reuse of Materials and Byproducts in Construction: Waste Minimization and Recycling.

by Alan Richardson

A review of the challenges, guides, laws and best practices on construction sites. An academic book to the attention of professionals, researchers, architects and engineers.

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The Reclamation Administration: an essential resource for monitoring the area of ​​reuse of materials

You loved renew? Want to know more news reuse, recovery and recycling of materials? So assiduously follow the notes of the English blog The Reclamation Administration , the most comprehensive source of information on the subject, updated daily by a comprehensive review of the web. To access the archive of the site, search by keyword or browse categories proposed.

The Reclamation Administration is managed by Sara Badiali, Consultant, Chair of the Board of Directors of the BMRA and close collaborator RénoCyclage.

*Just kidding my friends! Google Translate hits the spot here.