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I’m sorry guys 🙁

The fences finally went up...

Today, as the first jersey barrier to get worked on at Brooklyn was being ripped out, Chris Slatky asked one of the construction workers if they could hand him a piece that had broken off.

“My truck has grinded this so many times,” he said.

It was a classic moment where someone coming from an outside perspective, who doesn’t skate or understand skateboarding, was so baffled at a request that seems completely logical to literally every single skateboarder on Earth. Once the workers had left we managed to salvage a few pieces of coping and pool tile as keepsakes.

But this brings me to one point I’d like to make; I believe that a huge reason that more wasn’t done to try to protect the skatepark is that, people who do not skate truly cannot understand what a D.I.Y. skate spot means to the skateboarding community. They may try but they won’t really be able to understand it’s significance. It’s easy to take something away if you’ve never had a personal attachment to it.


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