Imperfectly fine – Seattle artisans render unique, handcrafted furniture from ‘rust and grit and grime’ |


Michael Marian welds part of a desk together at his shop in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. (Ken Lambert/MCT)

The couple also enlisted Marian to make a kitchen pantry featuring a 300-pound, vintage fire door hung upon hinges from 1910. It slides on a bracket to reveal shelves made of metal from cars and license plates.

“I call his work art because I think he’s an artist,” she said. “These things came from an old burned-out warehouse and someone was going to toss it. But Michael made it something beautiful. And now I see him everywhere, which is a true testament to his work. I don’t think anyone explodes on the scene without deserving it.”

Travis Farber in the Ballard shop he shares with business partner Michael Marian. The table is made from wood from gyms, barns and old houses. (Ken Lambert/Seattle Times/MCT)

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