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I sold my beautiful 1904 home in North Portland in May. I was assured by the buyers that they planned to rent my home while they built a second or third structure in the backyard. I now find that they are planning (and probably always planned) to tear down the house. This house should not be a tear down. It is in beautiful condition with old growth fir floors, built in cabinets and many new upgrades to bath and kitchen. There should be a law that requires buyers to inform the sellers of their intentions in regard to the existing structures on the property. I had other offers that I would have taken if I had been informed of this buyer’s intentions. We are losing so much history with the destruction of these older homes. I am not opposed to new buildings, but not at the expense of what is still viable and oh so beautiful. There may not be time to save my house, but we can hopefully prevent more wanton destruction in the future.

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