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34 E. Centre Street in Woodbury was built in 1880 accordingThe Bonfiglio house on Newton Avenue is an 1893 Victorian, Wednesday, Dec. 9.  Sean M. Fitzgerald/Staff Photographer

The most satisfying discovery was the stained glass window on the second floor. The former owners covered it with plaster and a cabinet.

“That was fun to uncover and have the light come through for the first time in 70 years,” Shaw said.

The house is a “diamond in the rough,” he said.

“Buying something and being able to bring it back to its potential maybe will inspire other people to move into the area and takes those houses that have good bones, but need TLC,” Shaw explained.

Shaw and Bonfiglio rely on architectural salvage yards in Philadelphia and Woodbury Antiques — a Broad Street antiques mall — for pieces. Shaw pulled rounded top shutters for his exterior third-floor windows from the salvage yards. Bonfiglio found the shutters from The Dakota at the antique shop.


Owner Brian Bonfiglio talks about renovation work he’s done inside his 1893 Victorian house. (Photo: Sean M. Fitzgerald/Staff Photo)

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