Building Deconstruction Policies

State, Cities, Counties and Businesses with Building Deconstruction, or C&D Waste Policies


Policy Guides and Resources

C40 Knowledge: How to start deconstructing and stop demolishing your city’s buildings

Deconstruction and Building Material Reuse: A Tool for Local Governments and Economic Development Practitioners – Delta Institute, Chicago, Illinois.

Deconstruction is Policy Already Written – by Sara Badiali

The Economics of Residential Building Deconstruction in Portland, Oregon 2016

Cities with Building Deconstruction Laws

Portland, Oregon

City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Palo Alto, California

Pittsburgh, PA

San Francisco, California (in process)

San Antonio, TX  (see also: Treasure in the Walls – Reclaiming Value Through Material Reuse in San Antonio)


State’s With C&D Recycling/Reuse Policies 







New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Dakota




Rhode Islland




Hayward, California (Bay Area)

Chicago, Illinois 

Cook County, Illinois

Epping, New Hampshire

King County, Washington

Honolulu, Hawaii

San Francisco, California

San Mateo County, California (West Bay)

Chula Vista, California

Contra Costa, California

Marin County, California

Los Angeles, California

Menlo Park, California

(take our word for it, every county in California has a C&D Recycling ordinance)

Orange County, North Carolina

Madison, Wisconsin 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lee County, Florida

Green County Springs, Florida

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

Lincoln, Nebraska

Cities with Adaptive Reuse Policies & Incentives

Phoenix, Arizona

Business with Internal Building Deconstruction/Reuse/Circular Economy Mandates

Google: Accelerating the Circular Economy Through Commercial Deconstruction and Reuse

Deconstruction Training Textbook

Build ReUse Introduction to Deconstruction – Textbook

Reclamation Administration: News and Research on Building Material Waste Prevention