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Building Deconstruction Policy

Sara Badiali helped to create Portland, Oregon’s groundbreaking Building Deconstruction Ordinance.

If you are working towards:

  • Reclaiming building waste to revitalize local economies
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Removing demolition health hazards
  • Crafting a circular ecomomy through building material reuse

Sara is available to consult on the entire policy process:

  • How to start
  • What to consider
  • How to follow through
  • How to forecast future needs

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Sara Badiali is a consultant for municipalities, businesses and nonprofit organizations on how to create circular economies from recycling buildings.

She is the creator of Reclamation Administration.Com, a building material reuse news and innovation resource available free to the public since 2011.

Sara has provided Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with data and research products, and is the author of seven articles and one infographic on building material reuse and deconstruction practices.

Sara advised the creation of the City of Portland’s Building Deconstruction Ordinance as a consultant on the Deconstruction Advisory Group. She was board chair for the national nonprofit Building Material Reuse Association, and presents at and hosts reuse events. She created PDX RUST: Portland’s ReUse for Societal Transformation, and co-hosted the national Decon + Reuse Expo in 2017.

While Sara has trained and certified individuals and companies in building deconstruction, her passion is transforming dismantled buildings into products and jobs. Her vision is that all defunct building stock be transformed into revenue, and returned to local economies.

She has worked with over two-hundred artists, designers, crafts-people and Makers, to create products with over 80% reclaimed materials, and to divert over 40 tons of waste.

Sara has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Portland State University, and trained and worked as a construction welder in 2002, for architect Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti in Cordez Junction, Arizona.

The Reclamation Administration is a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in the State of Oregon.



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City of Portland Deconstruction Workforce Certification: Introducing the Originals Association of Oregon Recyclers Sustainable Oregon Conference 2017

City of Portland Deconstruction Workforce Certification: Introducing the Originals: Oregon Metro Regional Government 2017

ReUse and Deconstruction – Creating Jobs, Equity and Sustainability in Portland: Association of Oregon Recyclers Conference 2017

The Evolution of Deconstruction in Portland Creating Public Policies and Regulations through Community Engagement and Cooperation: Japanese Local Government Managers Training The Tokyo Foundation/Portland State University 2016

The Reclamation Administration
Building Material Reuse Association Decon ’13 Expo

The Reclamation Administration
Reclaim + Remake Symposium 2013: “Waste is a resource in the wrong place”

The Reclamation Administration: 30 Reuse Projects
NW EcoBuilding Guild: Deconstruction/Salvage Event 2012

The Reclamation Administration: Drop Box Brigade
Research Club Brunch Speakers 2011, 2013

Published Articles


Master of Special Problem Solving, Dave Bennink Disassembles 1,000 Buildings by Hand   Reclamation Administration: July 31, 2017

Deconstruction vs. Demolition: Portland, Oregon’s Potential for Groundbreaking Health and Safety Studies in Building Demolition Reclamation Administration: July 22, 2016

Deconstruction Resolution Unanimously Passes Portland City Council   Reclamation Administration: February 2016

Reuse Centers: Ways to Optimize Partnerships   Reclamation Administration: November 2015

Finding Reclaimed Materials for Bar Tables    Building Material Reuse Association: June 2014 Newsletter

PDX Carpet Ride      Reclamation Administration: March 2014

Deconstruction is Policy Already Written     Building Material Reuse Association: March 2014 Newsletter

Drowning in Demolition     Building Material Reuse Association: February 2014 Newsletter

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  • Building Material Reuse
  • Reuse Centers
  • Markets for Building Materials/Brokerage
  • Design Resources
  • Reuse Policy
  • Reuse Art Festivals

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  3. What you want as a result of our conversation

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b. Business ideas

c. Broader understanding of reuse

d. Outline of next steps

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