Decon + Reuse ‘17 Portland, Oregon Reclaiming the Past – Building Our Future

Decon + Reuse ‘17 Portland, Oregon

Reclaiming the Past – Building Our Future



The City of Portland was chosen to host Decon + Reuse ‘17, the largest building material reuse event in the country. World-class, leading innovators of building material reuse will join local professionals, the Building Material Reuse Association, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, Metro, Reclamation Administration, and Portland State’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions for three days September 25th, 26th, 27th 2017 in Portland, Oregon.



Our goal for Decon + Reuse ‘17 is to promote innovative practices and services in building material reuse and inspire the world to follow our lead. Decon + Reuse ‘17 will highlight innovations in building material reuse, adaptive reuse, deconstruction, design and technology, health studies and public policy, and the challenges and opportunities that face the reuse industry.


Portland’s Decon + Reuse ‘17 Expo is expected to be the largest in event history. Previous conferences have drawn hundreds of business owners, reuse stores, deconstruction contractors, architects, government representatives, appraisers and a variety of other industry representatives. Please consider joining your fellow tradespeople, toolmakers, craftspeople, policy writers, organizations and municipalities attend presentations on reuse for societal transformation.
The Building Material Reuse Association (BMRA) is the 501c3 non-profit educational and research organization whose mission is to advance the recovery, reuse and recycling of building materials and the creator of the Decon conferences.  Over 20 businesses and nonprofit organizations are joining the BMRA to organize Decon + Reuse ’17, while dozens more are contributing sponsorships.


Your attendance will strengthen outreach and resources to help expand and improve the building materials recovery and reuse economy. We can’t do it without you!

You can reach Decon ’17 Planners: Sara Badiali  or Shawn Wood 


Speakers Include:


“Our products showcase and preserve Detroit’s history. Rather than dooming our structures to landfill, we breathe new life into them.” -Mike Bauer, Founder


Sons of Sawdust ™ is a woodworking business located in Athens, Ga that specializes in building custom farm tables, furniture and transforming entire spaces with reclaimed wood.

At Viridian, WE SPEAK FOR THE TREES. We exist to give new life to the precious woods we reclaim, to reduce demand for new lumber and to make our community a better place for us being here.