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The Independent Collegian : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for a boat?

A group of University of Toledo students and a passionate professor took recycling to the next level this past summer by building a boat made entirely out of repurposed materials.Initially, this was a printmaking class, but Arturo Rodriguez, an associate professor of art and overseer of this project, said it also involved a lot of sculptural aspects as well.

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Japanese Forest House one boatbuilders attempt to make a home without simpson ties – Brian Schulz

You know when something is so beautiful it hurts?

That is how I felt when I first saw the Japanese Forest House on Curbed.  Brian Schulz’s sense of humor eased my heartache a little, but scrolling through the pictures of his beloved house brings it all back in a flash.

Treat yourself today and go see this labor of love in all it’s glory!

A couple years ago I found a neat little brass sink at the local recycle center.   Enamored of shiny objects,  I coveted it’s golden glow,  entirely aware of the fact that I had no use for such a thing.   I wandered around for an hour or so with it in my hand,  looking at other stuff,  relalizing that if I took it I’d have to build a home for it.   I eventually brought it up to the register and started planning my house on the drive home.

Yes,  I am serious,  and don’t call me shirley.

With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder,  but that would risk missing the point entirely.   Almost every piece of this tiny house was salvaged,  most of it from within a ten miles of where the house sits.

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Coastal Interior Design (Part Two): Unique and Unusual Homes | It’s So Fabulous!

The Ship Residence

Located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, rests the Owners and Captains Quarters of the former Great Lakes Shipping Boat, The Benson Ford. Originally designed by Henry Ford, the boat was in service for 50 years. In 1986, rather than scrapping the entire vessel, the top front section of the boat (comprised of walnut paneled state rooms, dining room, galley, and passenger lounge) was removed by an Ohio couple. They placed the rescued quarters on a picturesque home lot, transforming them into The Ship Residence.

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Where do GRP boats go at the end of their service life? – Reinforced Plastics

I post on ship breaking and boat disposal because I am concerned about how much maritime waste is being produced and ignored.  Fiberglass boats are everywhere. And they don’t breakdown.

Because composite vessels are highly durable, end-of-life (EOL) disposal has not so far been a major issue. Many of the numerous glassfibre boats produced in the early years still exist. But the time will come – is coming – when these craft reach the end of their lives and will have to be disposed of.

The present trickle of EOL disposals is likely to become a ‘tsunami’ as successive generations of craft reach the end. Unlike metal and wooden boats, which are made of recyclable or naturally degrading materials, fibreglass craft leave an enduring trace on the environment …

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