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Rare mutant redwood to be chopped down to make way for railroad – Boing Boing

I think this:

Matthew says: “An extremely rare albino chimero coast redwood tree is growing in the small Sonoma County town of Cotati. Federal regulators say the tree must be chopped down because the genetically mutated redwood is too close to a proposed set of new railroad tracks. Preservationists are hoping to raise public awareness and save the tree. The tree is believed to be one of fewer than 10 albino chimero redwood trees in the world.”

and this, belong together.

Hard not to love this - by Nemos in Milan, Italy.

by Nemos in Milan, Italy.

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The Trestle, Kirtland Air Force Base – Boing Boing

We are Big fans of BoingBoing here at the RA. But it is rare that we can share a post from them. So it is exciting to present one small snippet of “The Trestle” with you. We highly recommend that you read the entire article and pay a visit to a great news source.

The Trestle, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Every element of the Trestle, right down to its oversized nuts and bolts, had to be wooden so that none of its own components would interfere with the effects of the EMP wave on the aircraft being tested (though apparently there are some small metal o-ring components deep in the mix). Inspecting all the joints took a dedicated team a whole year; as soon as they had finished it was time to start again.

A unique monument to Cold War rigor and ingenuity, reminiscent of a huge fairground ride, perhaps the Cyclone, Coney Island’s wooden roller coaster, or a wooden labyrinth, the Trestle is now a condemned structure, too unstable to use, too expensive to dismantle. Today it provides a home to local wildlife, including a colony of great horned owls who can be heard screeching from within its depths. Our guide tells us that she likes to collect the skulls of their prey, which they leave scattered around the base of the structure.

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Derelict farmhouse turned into massive doll’s house – Boing Boing

A Canadian artist called Heather Benning converted a derelict farmhouse into a giant doll’s house, open on one side. Her photo gallery includes several making-of images that are quite marvellous. She created it while serving as artist-in-residence for the town of Redvers, Sask, and notes that she found the house in 2005.

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Salvaged lighting fixtures – Boing Boing

So nice to see, Boing Boing featured an item about Salvage!

I wandered into a temporary showroom for Trainspotters in London this weekend; they’re a retailer specializing in salvaged industrial lighting, with a lot of crazy, chunk ex-Soviet numbers. Looks like you have to buy direct from them by phone, and the prices weren’t low, but I’m still cleaning drool out of my shirt from my brief visit. Lovely stuff.

Welcome to Trainspotters, specialist dealers in reclaimed industrial lighting, decorative salvage and interiors. We are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, where we hold a large stock of industrial and period lighting, salvaged vintage fixtures and 20thC reclamation, from the UK and the former Eastern Bloc. We specialise in sourcing large runs and quantities of retro lighting, making us an unparalleled resource for larger scale commercial projects such as pubs, bars, clubs, shops, restaurants and public spaces. This website is our catalogue and we aim to get all new stock online as soon as it comes into us – we hope you enjoy browsing the site.

Industrial Lighting & Salvage Specialists

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