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The sound of American Crayon | Sandusky Register

Provided photo / Ben Baker plays a “canjo,” or a banjo made with a can resonator. He created the canjo from salvaged pieces of materials from the American Crayon factory.

Maple hardwood floorboards found inside American Crayon — some 100 years older or more — make great necks for string instruments, including guitars, Baker said.

So far, Baker has salvaged some of the hardwood for guitar necks. Meanwhile, he also repurposed some of the factory’s supporting beams into guitar bodies and custom ukeleles as well.

via The sound of American Crayon | Sandusky Register.

Creepy-cool village where every house is a musical instrument | Grist


In the Music Box, furniture and floors and cabinets all make music — or at very least, noise — and the structures they’re built into are largely made from salvaged materials. The “Lookout Tower” is an old spiral staircase, set with pipes from a church organ destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The “Echo Wall” is made of vibrating steel sheeting and springs, with an attached horn made of copper plumbing pipe. The “Noise Floor” is … a noise floor. There’s a musical rocking chair and a giant washtub bass. It’s like a hillbilly Burning Man, and it is awesome.