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Welsh start-up to build recycling facility for construction and demolition aggregates

Cuddy Recycling Ltd, a start-up firm supported by the Welsh government, is establishing a wood, plasterboard and gypsum recycling centre in South Wales. The centre, which represents an investment on £1.2 million, will be the first of its kind in the area and will create 22 jobs.

The facility will process and recycle demolition aggregates from construction and demolition projects in Wales, in addition to waste timber and plasterboard, which will be sourced from the construction sector and civil amenity sites. The aggregates will be sorted for reuse within the construction industry and waste timber will be used for biomass fuel, panel board manufacture and animal bedding. The plasterboard will be reused in plasterboard manufacture where possible and the gypsum will be recycled as a soil conditioner for application in the agricultural industry. It may also be used as a cement additive.

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Demolish, re-use, recycle and rebuild

IRCOW project

An EU-funded research project has laid the foundations for change – it is promoting concrete, ceramics, gypsum and plastics recycling around Europe.

Recycling and re-using parts from old buildings makes sense – it creates less waste, makes construction cheaper and reduces the use of raw resources (more than 50% of all materials extracted from the earth are currently transformed into construction materials and products).

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