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NY’s Biggest Dumping Bust Nabs 24 on Long Island

“The individuals and companies arrested in connection with this alleged illegal dumping scheme put the health of Suffolk County residents at risk out of pure greed,” Sini said. “These defendants are alleged to have knowingly dumped solid waste and potentially hazardous materials into our residents’ backyards and parks just to line their pockets.”

Source: NY’s Biggest Dumping Bust Nabs 24 on Long Island

NYC’s toxic construction debris litters mid-Hudson


Gov. Andrew Cuomo estimated 5 million tons of construction and demolition debris is generated annually in the New York metro area. Much of it ends up in the mid-Hudson.“Due to the rural nature of the mid-Hudson Valley area and its proximity to New York City, illegal dumping has been an especially difficult problem through the region,” Cuomo said in February 2017. “Haulers see an easy way to cut costs by dumping loads of waste sourced from New York City in the mid-Hudson Valley.”

Source: NYC’s toxic construction debris litters mid-Hudson

Woodward Throwbacks – Reclaimed Woodworking Salvaged in Detroit


We are a social entrepreneurship that focuses on using materials gathered from illegal dumping sites throughout Detroit.  Our city has many problems facing it, and illegal dumping is one that hasn’t seen much action.  We comb the city by bike in search of illegal dumping sites.


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2 waste removal companies targeted in state crackdown | Boston Herald

BOSTON — A Billerica waste hauling company has paid $62,500 to settle claims that it illegally dumped construction and demolition waste at an unauthorized site in Methuen.The attorney general says W.L. French Excavating Corp. violated Massachusetts state law by dumping 29 loads of waste, including concrete, bricks and asphalt.

via 2 waste removal companies targeted in state crackdown | Boston Herald.

Bronx Company Charged In Dobbs Ferry Waste Dumping | The Dobbs Ferry Daily Voice

A Bronx-based demolition company has been charged with three misdemeanors after allegedly dumping this wall of debris along the South County Trail last month.

DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. – A Bronx demolition company was charged Thursday with dumping a wall of construction debris along the South County Trailway in Dobbs Ferry.

Westchester County Police issued E-Three Demolition three summonses in connection with the May 15 construction waste pile that included roofing shingles, wooden boards and beams, bricks and a port-a-potty.

Police say that, around 2 a.m., the company illegally dumped roughly 30 cubic yards of the debris on the South County Trailway, blocking the path near the Dobbs Ferry-Ardsley line. The rubble was discovered around dawn when people running or biking along the trailway encountered the wall of debris lying across the path near Lawrence Street.

“Any illegal dumping on parkland is offensive, but the amount of construction material that was dumped in this incident was particularly egregious,” Public Safety Commissioner George N. Longworth said in a press release. “This company backed a truck up under darkness of night and dumped a substantial amount of material that blocked the trailway.”

The Bronx-based demolition company summonses included charges of depositing of a noisome or unwholesome substance, depositing rubbish or refuse matter on county property and being an unlicensed hauler, all misdemeanors.

Police said the summonses were given to Eddie Verdejo, 43, of the Bronx, who is the owner of the company. The charges are answerable Aug. 2 in Dobbs Ferry Village Court.

via Bronx Company Charged In Dobbs Ferry Waste Dumping | The Dobbs Ferry Daily Voice.