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Wooden Ya Know It – Upcycled Furnishings by Paul Ellis — Kickstarter 

Chopping Board

Wooden Ya Know It,  was founded on the idea that just because it’s old or used, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. Old, reclaimed wood and materials have more character and can be much more beautiful than new materials. Handmade architectural elements and furniture crafted with reclaimed materials, reflects what is lost in this day of machine made, cookie cutter home decor and furniture. It also cuts across architectural style to reflect your taste and design from the rustic to the contemporary. Our Goal

Citizen Carpentry Community Workshop & Tool Share by Marcis Curtis — Kickstarter

We need your help to finish building out our shop in its new location. We share building space with Refab STL, an amazing non-profit providing skills training to former combat veterans by deconstructing old buildings in and around St. Louis. These materials are then processed and stored for resale in the historic 40,000 square foot building along Route 66, which houses Citizen Carpentry’s new workshop. Citizen Carpentry aims to be the first worker-owned woodworking co-operative of its kind in the Midwest, encouraging community members, artists, and entrepreneurs to utilize our shop for their work. We have the chance to be a hub of creative revitalization, recycling, and skill-sharing in a city sorely lacking in opportunities.

Source: Kickstarter Citizen Carpentry Community Workshop & Tool Share

Rustic Reclaimed Furniture 100% hand made by Robert Chapman — Kickstarter

I am creating Rustic furniture created from recycled. reclaimed wood found throughout Ventura & Los Angeles County.

My name is Robert Chapman and my dream is to become a master furniture woodworker. The inspiration for my woodworking has come from my grandfather who was my mentor and loved family member. His knowledge of craftsmanship along with my creativity has molded me into what I am today. My passion is to create beautiful rustic furniture from recycled & reclaimed wood that would otherwise be thrown away. I see the beauty in what others would think to throw away or call “trash.” During the week I drive around collecting pallets, old furniture, torn up deck wood or anything that looked like throw away material and give them life!

via Rustic Reclaimed Furniture 100% hand made by Robert Chapman — Kickstarter.

Kickstarter for the Holidays! Check Out These Reclaimed Projects and Give the Gift of Innovation by Pledging Today

Project image


Recycled Pedalboards by Cory Scanlon

The BeamBox joins the aesthetic of reclaimed wood with modern technology to create a completely unique home audio experience.

Project image

Go Green Furniture From Reclaimed Old Forrest Lumber by Toby

Reclaimed wood carving projects by Anthony “Doc” Cook

Kickstarter’s New Greenpoint, Brooklyn Headquarters Will Boast a Green Roof and Glass-Lined Courtyard | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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Kickstarter projects help the world become a better place through thoughtful design, and it looks like their new headquarters will follow that philosophy as well. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the currently under-construction offices will sit inside a former pencil factory and boast a beautiful green roof and airy courtyard made of recycled materials.

Read all about it via Kickstarter’s New Greenpoint, Brooklyn Headquarters Will Boast a Green Roof and Glass-Lined Courtyard | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

E.34: Design for Ability Green House by Emergent Structures — Kickstarter


Our project is highly collaborative and is dependent upon locating

building materials with very specific properties in a timely fashion.

Locating, prepping and building with reclaimed materials from numerous

sites is by far the greatest challenge, yet overcoming that exact

challenge is at the heart of Emergent Structures’ mission.

We have already methodically stored numerous material streams from

locations in and around Savannah, so the task of identifying the

building materials has already largely been achieved! The next challenge

is to properly prepare the materials, and thanks to our collaborative

partners, much of the material designated has already been prepped

during volunteer events! The preparation of the rest of the materials

will be done over the next several months with volunteer work days that

invite the general public and our partners to com on out and put some

elbow grease into! We know we can do it because we’ve done it before.

Like it? Go fund it via E.34: Design for Ability Green House by Emergent Structures — Kickstarter.

Designed for RX Made: Upcycled Product Launch by Rebuilding Exchange — Kickstarter

RX Made is on a mission to turn materials from the waste stream into well-made, well-designed products for everyone.

Fund them on Kickstarter!

When you support RX Made on Kickstarter, you help us:

  • Reclaim community “waste” and turn it into an asset
  • Create jobs for local designers and manufacturers, and:
  • Start production of the first edition of designs manufactured by RX Made in collaboration with Strand Design

Founded in 2011 by Chicago Non-Profit Rebuilding Exchange, RX Made evolved out of what was originally a job training program to create skilled workers in the growing field of building deconstruction and materials reuse.The trainees in the program were taught basic carpentry skills, and learned to create furniture from reclaimed building materials salvaged in Chicago. From these beginnings, we have since transformed into a small furniture production shop, hiring both graduates from the training program and talented builders from the furniture making community here in Chicago.

Over the past year, we’ve received such an enthusiastic response to our furniture line that we wanted to explore producing a greater variety of products utilizing reclaimed and locally produced materials. We also wanted to make these products in the same way that we make our furniture; using local sourcing, local design, and local craftspeople.

via Designed for RX Made: Upcycled Product Launch by Rebuilding Exchange — Kickstarter.

Laughing Squid: The Ohio River Project, Junk Art Boat to Float Down the Ohio River

On July 9, 2012, Chicken John Rinaldi and his crew will take a handcrafted junk art boat to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and launch it on the Ohio River for The Ohio River Project. They will entertain audiences along the way with performances of Bigfoot: The Musical. A fundraising campaign has been started on Kickstarter to get this amazing project off the ground (and the pledge items are great).

Every year we build sturdy oceangoing boats made of trash, pick a destination and just do it. Trips in the past have included 750 miles of the Mississippi River, 300 miles of the Hudson, traversing the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice, and a stint on the Ganges.

This year we’ve selected the largest and most populated river in America, the Ohio River, for the summer’s trek. We built an amazing boat out of old books and pianos, reclaimed lumber, and a two-story pedal-powered Ferris Wheel. We are bringing a production of Bigfoot: the Musical, free to audiences on the river.

The Ohio River Project

via Laughing Squid.