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UHURU | Design, craft and style in heirloom furniture

This post is for my friend Hilary – who loved the Coney Island Boardwalk so much she wrote a grant to go there.

UHURU co-founders Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath were recognized for their innovation in their field and selected to be amongst the 40. Their original Cyclone Lounger fabricated from reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk ipe was acquired by the museum for its permanent collection for the exhibition.

UHURU | Design, craft and style in heirloom furniture.

Hackney Wick goes reclamation wild – SalvoNews.com

London East, UK – In July, a keen skateboarder, salvager and ramp builder developed a disused space in Rothbury Road, Hackney into a temporary skate park using materials reclaimed from the horse guards arena, which was dismantled for the beach volley ball in the run up to the Olympics.

Andrew WIllis, 31, was commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation to make the skate park. It was been so popular that the lease has been extended until January. Mr Willis said he hopes to build an outdoor cinema and hold a flea market to keep interest in the area through the winter.

Mr Willis was also a speaker at a event held last night in Hackney on building with reclaimed materials, at which Bioregional’s Jonathan Essex also gave a talk. The event comprised of three seminars and then a walk around Fish Island’s self built live-work units for artists and designers.

The event was one of the Wick Session organised by the R-urban project put together by Public Works and Atelier D’Architecture Autogeree to help promote sustainability in the community. It was well publicised by local mobile publishing unit with an engaging blog called Wick on Wheels, that amongst other things, promotes the reuse of materials.

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Building Plot workshop | Park Structure of Reclaimed C&D

The Building Plot is an ongoing research project being driven by a partnership between Architecture Sans Frontieres UK ASF-UK and the Eden Project to raise awareness about the issues of excess waste in the construction industry and develop more sustainable modes of practice by promoting reuse, innovation and training opportunities.

The Building Plot aims to consider the number of unemployed individuals who could play a part in a new generation of sustainable construction workers by creating training courses targeted at sustainability and reuse.

via About | building plot workshop 2010.

From Scrap To Stylish Stump: Recycled Timber Furniture By Ubico Studio – TreeHugger


We admit it: we can’t get enough of stump-themed furniture. And now, from Tel Aviv-based Ubico Studio comes this tongue-in-cheek creation, made from salvaged wood scraps, glued together and skillfully shaped to give the appearance of wholesome stumpiness.


Inspired by the Christian wake ceremony and recently seen over at Designboom, this seating collection is simply titled “Wake.” The eco-minded Ubico Studio, which centers around “urban gathering and reclaiming,” salvages its raw materials from dumpsters, renovation sites and the streets, and gives some details about how these stump-mimicking works were made:

The furniture [is] made of relatively small pieces of scrap timber cut to extremely accurate sizes and then glued together in a matrix to a block. The blocks are then carved into tree stump-like shapes.



Granted, these adorable pieces are more like postmodernist versions of real tree stumps. But they’ve got the right idea about recycling wood scraps that would otherwise be discarded, and transforming them into down-to-earth yet sleek furniture that could grace any tastefully decorated living space.

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