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Kennedy’s Home in Bedford a Green Dream | The Daily Tarrytown

BEDFORD, N.Y. – Mary Richardson Kennedy, who died Wednesday, was committed to environmental sustainabilty, as the green-living Kennedy home in Bedford shows. Made from reclaimed building materials, solar roof shingles, and a geothermal heating and cooling system, the home was a testament to Mary and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s – commitment to living stylishly and ecologically.

Beyond putting out 10 megawatts of electricity more than it consumes, the home was filled with Kennedy and presidential memorabilia, according to a feature written on the house by “ecofabulous,” an sustainability blog. By comparison, one of the Indian Point nuclear power reactors puts out about 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

There was also an entire website devoted to the Kennedy home, at 326 S. Bedford Road, with a “Green Resources Guide” to help others live cleaner. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s commitment to the environment goes beyond the walls of his 1870s-era home: He also serves as the vice chair and chief prosecuting attorney for the environmental organization Riverkeeper and is the chair of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

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