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Sturgeon Bay approves March 29 move of 68-foot-tall granary


(Photo: Tina M. Gohr/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

“The only way to save the granary was this way — finding a new site and moving it there,” Drury said. “If they had taken the granary apart, they never would have been able to put it back together.” The crib construction inside the granary includes wood that has been interwoven, which created a very solid and stable structure, Drury said. “No one could have put this back together,” he said. “I am very happy to be a part of this (project) to save the granary.”

Source: Sturgeon Bay approves March 29 move of 68-foot-tall granary

Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon, Editorial – 123-year-old building in Zurich moved 60m to enable expansion of neighbouring station

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In a dramatic feat of engineering, an 80m-long commercial building in Zurich has been relocated in its entirety, 60m to the left of its original position. The 123-year-old redbrick Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon (MFO) was once a factory for the manufacture of tool machinery, weapons and electric locomotives however its recent owner ABB had announced plans to pull the aging building down.

Following a public petition to save the structure, the MFO was taken on by new owners Swiss Prime Site who pledged to fund a relocation of the old management building, preserving the much-loved MFO and enabling Swiss Federal Railways to undertake an expansion project at Switzerland’s seventh largest railway station, Zurich Oerlikon, situated nearby. The estimated cost of the relocation operation stands at CHF12m (€10m).

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