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Column: Deconstruction beats demolition

We could easily imagine a Revive Pontiac program graduate one day purchasing a condemned house, deconstructing it, turning the reclaimed material into a hot product, and then pitching their new business on “Shark Tank.”Deconstruction — demolition’s smarter cousin — is now alive and well in Oakland County and throughout the region, which is good for individuals, neighborhoods, property values, and our economic prosperity.

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Turning Blight into Urban Gardens and Homes | East Bay Express

Steven DeCaprio. - BERT JOHNSON

DeCaprio is the head of Land Action, a nonprofit that he created in 2011 to assist tenants with eviction defense. Two months ago, Land Action launched a campaign to build one hundred micro farms in Oakland over the next five years. The farms will be anchored by tiny homes — less than 120 square feet in size — that will house low-income Oakland residents.

The plan hinges on the use of so-called “tax-defaulted property” — land that is worth less than the taxes owed on it. In Alameda County, tax-defaulted parcels typically have been abandoned by their owners and can be publicly auctioned after five years. But attracting buyers willing to pay the back taxes and fines can be challenging.


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Made in Oakland: How one city turned into an art and maker mecca | TechHive

If you are going to read one article referenced by us please, please, go read this one on Makers. It is more than inspiring.

Thank you Kevin Lee for writing it.

And thank you Ruth Trocolli of the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office for bringing it to our attention (see Archaeologists are cool – right?).

“A lot of the art gets built for the love and the challenge,” Michael Snook, the founder of this 65,000 square-foot maker space, told TechHive. And as it turns out, NIMBY is just a small part of a large and storied maker scene that dates back to the 1960s and, surprisingly, has managed to stay a well-kept secret.

A confluence of factors have driven Oakland’s maker renaissance. The city has plenty of large industrial spaces that are perfect for makers to erect so many of the massive projects found here.

via Made in Oakland: How one city turned into an art and maker mecca | TechHive.