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Mid-century General Electric P7 oven/range – For Sale Portland, Oregon

Attention all Portlanders into Mid-Century Cooking!

Attention all lovers of mid-century and atomic ranch design…1950-60s era GE P7 electric range/oven in excellent shape. Everything works and was removed from an amazingly clean 1950s kitchen for remodel.

Not sure exactly what it is worth, but based off a quick google search, the parts alone are worth considering for an eBay business. These went for $699 in 1966!

MAKE ME AN OFFER and save some money and me some research time.

Available for pick up between 7&4ish. Call/text for details. Emails will be ignored.

Five zero three 6 one 6 six seven five one

First come first serve.


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The Basics of Wood Window Repair | Architectural Heritage Center

Contrary to the mass marketing that fills our mailboxes, original windows can be refreshed and repaired to meet today’s energy savings goals. At the same time, preserving original windows also preserves historic character and re-uses material is inherently sustainable. This workshop covers the basics of identifying problems and repairing the wood windows in our older homes.

Original wood windows are the “eyes of a building” and contribute tremendous charm and authenticity to our older homes. But after many years of openings and closings, coupled with the impacts of seasonal weather changes, our windows can develop a set of maintenance needs that must be attended to.

To address these issues, the AHC welcomes back Patty Spencer, owner of Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair Inc. Patty will share her years of experience in preserving and restoring the function of original, double-hung, wood windows found in homes built in the 1940s and earlier. With a focus on improving function, this workshop will cover the basics that owners of older homes should know, including: signs of window deterioration, preventive maintenance measures, good maintenance and repair practices, plus good ideas about weatherization.

Window replacement is not a cost-effective means of saving energy, and is certainly not “green.”

If you love your original, double-hung windows, but just wish they worked better—they can! Come learn to do-it-yourself from a local expert.

Pre-registration is strongly suggested

Click here to purchase tickets

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Salvaging Pieces of the Past | How to Use Salvaged Building Materials in New Construction | Photos | Salvage | This Old House

Salvage wood materials

“I’m Yankee and I’m cheap,” jokes Tom. “If used parts are in good shape, I’d rather recycle them than buy new.” So, after knocking out walls and tearing up floors, the TOH team was left with centuries-old wood and brick that might have been destined for the Dumpster at many job sites. Instead, they’ve been picking through the pile, spotting pieces with potential, then transforming these and other old house parts into finishes, details, and furnishings. These salvage projects will make even brand-new areas look perfectly at home next to existing rooms, and will also keep intact the house’s historic character—the very thing the Titlows fell in love with. Read on to see what’s in the works.

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